WTO Panel & Appellate Body Reports Relating to Anti-Dumping 

Short title of dispute Panel AB  Panel (21.5) AB (21.5) 
Guatemala- Cement I(DS60) 19 Jun 98 02-Nov-98    
US – DRAMS(DS99) 29-Jan-99    07-Nov-00  
Thailand- H-Beams (DS122) 28-Sep-00  12-Mar-01     
Mexico- Corn Syrup (DS132) 28-Jan-00    22-Jun-01  22-Oct-01
US – 1916 Act (EC) (DS136) 31-Mar-00  28-Aug-00    
EC- Bed Linen (DS141) 30-Oct-00  01-Mar-01 29-Nov-02 08-Apr-03 
Guatemala- Cement II (DS156) 24-Oct-00       
US – 1916 Act (Japan) (DS162) 29-May-00  28-Aug-00    
US – Stainless Steel (DS179) 22 Dec 00      
US – Hot-Rolled Steel (DS184) 28-Feb-01   24-Jul-01     
Argentina- Ceramic Tiles (DS189) 28-Sep-01      
US – Steel Plate (DS206) 28-Jun-02       
Egypt- Steel Rebar (DS211) 08-Aug-02       
US – Offset Act (Byrd Amendment) (DS217) 16-Sep-02  16-Jan-03     
EC- Tube or Pipe Fittings (DS219) 07-Mar-03   22-Jul-03    
US – Section 129(c)(1) URAA (DS221) 15-Jul-02       
Argentina- Poultry Anti-Dumping Duties (DS241) 22-Apr-03       
US – Corrosion-Resistant Steel Sunset Review (DS244) 14-Aug-03  15-Dec-03     
US – Softwood Lumber V (DS264) 13-Apr-04 11-Aug-04 03-Apr-06 15-Aug-06 
US – Oil Country Tubular Goods Sunset Reviews (DS268) 16-Jul-04  29-Nov-04   30-Nov-06  12-Apr-07
US – Softwood Lumber VI (DS277) 22-Mar-04    15-Nov-05  13-Apr-06
US – AD Measures on Oil Country Tubular Goods (DS282) 20-Jun-05  02-Nov-05     
US – Zeroing (EC) (DS294) 31-Oct-05  18-Apr-06  17 Dec 08  14 May 09 
Mexico- AD Measures on Rice (DS295) 06-Jun-05  29-Nov-05    
Korea- Certain Paper(DS312) 28-Oct-05    28 Sep 07   
US Zeroing (Japan) (DS322) 20-Sep-06  9-Jan-07  24 Apr 09  18 Aug 09
US Shrimp (Ecuador) (DS335) 30-Jan-07      
Mexico – Steel Pipe & Tubes (DS331) 8-Jun-07      
EC Salmon (Norway) (DS337) 16-Nov-07      
US – Stainless Steel (Mexico) (DS 344) 20-Dec 07 30-Apr 08 31-Oct-08  
US Shrimp (Thailand (DS343) 29 Feb 08 16 Jul 08    
US Customs Bond Directive (DS 345) 29 Feb 08 16 Jul 08    
US-Continued zeroing (DS350) 1 Oct 08 4 Feb 09    
US – AD and countervailing duties (China) (DS379) 22-Oct-10  11-Mar-11    
US – Orange juice (Brazil) (DS382)  25-Mar-11      
US – AD measures on PET bags (Thailand) (DS383)  22-Jan-10      
EC – Fasteners (China) (DS397)  3-Dec-10 Corrigendum  15-Jul-11  7-Aug-15 18-Jan-16
US – Zeroing (Korea) (DS402)  18-Jan-10      
US – Shrimp (Vietnam) (DS404)  11-Jul-11      
EU – Footwear (China) (DS405)  28-Oct-11      
China – GOES (US) (DS414) 15-Jun-12 18-Oct-12    
US – Shrimp & Sawblades (DS422) 8-Jun-12      
China – X Ray Equipment (DS425) 26 Feb 13      
China – Broiler Products (DS427) 2 Aug 13      
US – Carbon Steel (India) (DS436) 14-Jul-15 8-Dec-15
China – Autos (US) (DS440) 23-May-14      
US – Countervailing & Anti-Dumping Measures (China) (DS449) 27-Mar-13 7-Jul-14
US – Shrimp II (Viet Nam) (DS429) 17-Nov-14 7-Apr-15
US – Countervailing measures (China) (DS437) 18-Dec-14 14-Jul-14
China – HP-SSST (Japan) (DS454) HP-SSST(EU) (DS460) 14-Feb-15
US – Washing Machines (DS464) 11 Mar 16
EU – Biodiesel (DS473) 29 Mar 2016

Source: WTO Website